Alberta Thoroughbred Aftercare


About Us

The Alberta Thoroughbred Aftercare  Society (ATAS), has a committed group of individuals who are working together to create a registered charity for thoroughbred aftercare. We are passionate about the welfare of thoroughbred racehorses both on, and off the track. We are committed to providing a safe landing, and a safe transition for our thoroughbred racehorses when they are no longer able to compete. We work hard to find them loving, adoptive homes as they move to second careers. Our racehorses deserve happy retirements and satisfying second careers in the show ring, as pleasure horses, broodmares, and companion animals.

In addition, we have a commitment to educate owners, trainers, breeders and the general public about the merits of off track thoroughbred aftercare, retraining, and retirement.

HELPING TO FIND: Your perfect thoroughbred partner for riding, showing and companionship.
** We support and develop retired thoroughbred racehorses for their next chapter in life.

The Alberta Thoroughbred Aftercare Society is:

  •  Dedicated to finding loving, adoptive retirement homes and/or alternative careers for thoroughbred racehorses who are no longer able to compete or add value to the racing industry.
  •  Committed to help in the movement to educate owners, trainers, breeders and the general public about the merits of thoroughbred racehorses and humane care of thoroughbred horses when their racing careers are over.


Through donations, fundraising and volunteer work, the ATAS evaluates OTTBs (Off-Track Thoroughbreds) and retired racehorses, provides all needed care they require at our sponsor farms, and works to place them in permanent, loving homes.

The ATAS has adopted the guidelines for transition the retired racehorse recommended by the American Association of Equine Practitioners  and selects horses fairly and without bias.

Funds raised by, and donated to the ATAS are used to cover expenses, such as: feed, shipping, farrier services, basic re-training, medical expenses, as well as for miscellaneous expenses such as blankets and halters.